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Humming Along

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Hummingbirds are known as spirit guides who bring joy, adaptability, swiftness, ferocity and lightness.

Humming Bird Acrylic Painting Surrounded By Candles and Plants
Humming Bird Acrylic Painting

Hummingbirds Arrive In The Moment

Humming birds are said to come to those who in that moment, need to learn a lesson in life. I painted this piece on acrylic. I didn't know it when I painted Humming Along, but this work holds a special place, symbolizing the start of a new chapter, and the launch of The Witches Wand.

A Bit More Folklore About Hummingbirds

Much of the lore surrounding the hummingbird stems from several Mesoamerican cultures. The Mayan people for example believed that hummingbirds were sculpted from the left-over feathers used in the creation of other birds. The gods of the Mayan belief system revered hummingbirds, hosting grand celebrations in their honor. The Pueblo Natives believed hummingbirds delivered their messages of praise and requests to Mother Earth for the shamans. Many believed hummingbirds to be the messengers between humans and gods.

You can order a matte print of Humming Along 8.5" x 10" here.

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